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Q: What is this? What do I get?

A: This first 52 weeks of Your Drawing Weekly is now finished.  We will be back in June for the next round, slightly reconfigured.

Stay tuned.  

This is what is was:

If you order this week's drawing, you receive a digital edition drawing, as well as a certificate of authentication. If you order a subscription, you receive a digital editio each week until the end of the project year, a giclee print, a newsletter and other weekly bonus material.

On a given week, there are actually only three items for sale; the week's digital edition, the subscription package, and a giclee print. If you want an older drawing, the only way to unlock it from it's time stamp, is to buy a subscription package and select your two back issues. The digital edition expires every Wednesday evening PST, when the new one becomes available. I am currently working on the edition disappearing in a quick and harmless flame Wednesday evenings, but these things take time. Once you have purchased your subscription, I will email you directly with information on how to choose your back issues.

Q: How do I gift a subscription?

A: First purchase the subscription, then include a note to me in the “notes to seller” prompt when purchasing. If you have problems doing this, contact me directly.

Q: I don't like paypal or buying things online. Is there any other way?

A: Yes! Contact me and we'll arrange payment. I do take cheques, bills, coins, really nice bottles of wine, gourmet gluten free meals, organic vegetables, shoes, handbags, clothes that fit me, books I am looking for, gardening advice, naturopathic help, bus passes, some clarity on theory I am still struggling with, films I can't find, ways to watch British television from Canada, a housesit for September, etc.

Q: Can you leave me alone, I don't know how you got my email, but seriously, I am totally not interested.

A: Ok, are you sure? Just send me an email with the subject “Your Drawing Weekly Disconnect”, and I will take you off the master list. You will hurt my feelings though.

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